Since a long time, people have dreamt of having tick proof mattress covers. The much awaited cover is nowhere. Apart from bed bug, flea and mosquito, protection from tick is also at your doorstep.

A tick is a blood sucking parasite that feeds on the blood of mammals. It is found in damp woody areas. Tick is a trouble for those who are fans of camping. It is found in abundance near the water reservoirs where animals stop by to drink water. This facilitates the tick to attach itself to the animal body and enjoy a feast. The tick injects saliva into the host’s body which does not let the blood clot. The saliva contains peptide antigens. The trick proof mattress covers inventors used was that they collected the right peptide antigens and used them against the tick. Thus tic proof mattress covers were invented.

A tick patch is also available that does not let the tick drink blood and makes it fall off in case it gets attached. The thick proof mattress covers of tick are one step ahead. Instead of removing the tick after it gets attached, it does not let the tick come near the human body. So now you can stick proof mattress coves to your mattress and get ready for a camping expedition anytime, anywhere.

Tik proof mattress covers act in the same way as those covers bed bug proof mattress. It keeps your bed free of ticks. Ticks generally don’t infest one’s home. Therefore, tick encasements at home would be quite unnecessary most of the times. Tic mattress covers would surely complete your camping gear kit.

Bug proof mattress covers of Bed Bath and beyond have proven to be of great competition for us. In addition to tick proof mattress covers, bed bug covers are also available at all outlets.

Words of advice for the novice though; when you go buy a cover, do not get confused between tic proof mattress covers and Ticketmaster proof mattress covers!

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