Termites are the cause of loses of property to the tune of multi-million dollars. Termites can be called as the global pests as they can be found almost all over the world irrespective of the weather conditions. Because of the overwhelming damage caused by termites, termite inspection has become the rule of the day. Increasingly, the homeowners are asked to get their homes undergo a periodic termite inspection so as to ensure there is no damage to the property. The termite inspection should be done by the authorities who meet some stringent conditions. After termite inspection, a report needs to be submitted to the authorities.

The aim of the report on termite inspection is to list all the current areas and objects which have been damaged due to termites and also list all the areas and the objects which might be damaged in the future due to termite residence. This report is of immense importance as the termite inspection report is one of the major criteria to evaluate property. This report can help owners to address the issue of termites. For people prospecting about a particular property, the termite inspection report can help their decision making.

For a property undergoing termite inspection, the termite inspector comes to the location and does a complete check of the premises to identify the termite dwellings. The termite inspector needs to mention in the termite inspection report, all the conditions which are making the property the breeding ground for termites. The report should also contain the details on the plumbing issues; ventilation standards etc as these factors play a major role in making the environment conducive for termite residence. The termite inspection should be done thoroughly leaving no scope for overlooking and it should be detailed.

The inspector after doing the termite inspection should also provide advice/ recommendations to address the termite problems. The property where the termite inspection is done should be diagrammatically represented with proper identification of the areas where the termites are currently thriving and the also the possible termite prone areas of the future. During the termite inspection various details pertaining to the property need to be included in the report. The details of the property like the address, the date of the termite inspection, the registration number of the inspector all need to be added to the report.

Thus if one needs to perform termite inspection be sure to get the proper registered authority to do the complete termite inspection of the house and submit the report. This is essential for the upkeep of the property.

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