The concept of bed bug mattress protector has experienced many upgrades; all making the product grow and emerge as a bed bug prevention machine.

People were crying havoc and grieving their lives before the introduction of such a revolutionary product. According to the bed bug mattress protector reviews, it has become a widely accepted ‘green’ product. Such protectors are 100% waterproof, washable and dryer-friendly, with anti-allergen and anti-bugs technology. In order to protect a bed, you must start from scratch i.e. initiate prevention, don’t standby for a cure.

Bed bugs are small, wingless, bloodsucking parasites. They are active mostly during the night, and come to feed on your blood when you are fast asleep. Owing to their nocturnal and lazy nature, it is very difficult to spot a bed bug nearby. Bed bugs bites are annoying with red rash-like bumps and itchiness.

The newly introduced Allerzip technology poses a major threat to the existence of bed bugs altogether. It prevents your cosy bed from becoming a breeding ground for bed bugs. The inventor of this marvelous award-winning technique is Protect-A-Bed. How proud the makers would be now! Bed bath and beyond is keeping a good pace with the competitors. These specially designed anti-bug mattresses are easy to use and even not so costly. Bed bath beyond bug mattress protectors are good and come fully equipped with the bug-free methodology. One fine example is Bath Allergy Luxe bed bug mattress protectors; scientifically-tested impermeable zipper closures are the eye-catchy features of such a mattress. As an icing on the cake, they are completely impenetrable. So, let the bed bugs bite, they are just going to break their proboscis. You and your family would be safe from their stings. Try out such innovative products but be careful, don’t end up spending too much.

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