The bed bug mattress cover has made it to the headlines of NYC newspapers. It is a clean and safe way to ban bed bugs from entering your mattress or box spring and also acts as a trap for these bed monsters. You need to secure your bed before you doze off at the end of the day. So, why wait for the disaster to happen? Plan heads on and give a crunching defeat to these nasty creatures even before you spot one. Do not just sit back and relax, giving these creeps a chance to attack, otherwise you’d be freaking out when you have a small bed bug infestation making room in your house.

There are many remedies available for bed bug eradication; but my question is ‘why bear the pain and expense of extermination, when you can opt for simple prevention?’ I hope you got my point. Bed bugs are bloodsucking parasites that act mostly when you’re sleeping i.e. at night. They are attracted to human body heat and prefer human blood than other mammals. Bed bug bites look like tiny red bulges on the skin with extreme itchiness. Once the person itches away, bed bugs rash forms on the affected spot.

One can protect a bed by ‘n’ number of ways. Who is Bed bug mattress cover target? Undoubtedly bed bugs! Apart from identifying, detecting and terminating a bed bugs infestation, it is necessary to control their moves; and that can be possible only through pre-planned measures. We’re aiming at one of the greenest ways to avoid bedbugs horror, i.e. buying a bed bug mattress protector. Extensively available in market, such a protector mattress comes in hygienically packed bed bug mattress bag. This mattress bag is used to ensure that the product is safe from any outer damage and it is bed bugs proof. Hence a storage bag like proves to be of great help later on. In order to suffice this procedure, bed bug mattress encasing is done. Here in this process, encasements are installed to the mattress or box springs, so that bed bugs movements can be checked upon.

Since the news that bed bugs are able to sneak in through zipper lock gaps, pest control companies have improved on their design of bed bug mattress cover. Now, the zipper system has been enhanced to a double bug lock system (as shown in the picture). This completely puts a full stop to the sneak-peek tricks of the nasty bloodsuckers.

A bed bug mattress cover is engineered to withstand all bugs attack including the microscopic dust mites. In fact, dust mite mattress cover is impervious just like the former one.

Bringing home a bugs proof mattress cover like this, would be like a Christmas present to your home sweet home. Book one today; Christmas is just around the corner.

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