Chiggers are the larvae of scrub mites or harvest mites. Like other mites, a chigger also goes through a three-stage biological life. Eggs hatch to form larvae, larvae develop into nymphs and then to adults. Nymphs and adult scrub mites are vegetarian, they feed on plants. However, chiggers larvae are parasitic, they feed on human and animal skin cell fluids, and not blood. If not interrupted, chiggers bugs can feed on the skin cell for several days.

Chiggers location: Naturally red in color, they are found around the globe. Their most common habitats are forests, grassy pastures, gardens, moist areas near ponds, lakes etc. Chiggers bugs need high humidity levels for survival; hence they reside on plants nearer to the ground surface. Take for example, tall grass, weeds etc.

Chiggers symptoms: A chigger is not an insect; rather it is a member of the Trombiculidae Mites family, like spiders and ticks. When bitten by a chigger intense itching is experienced (along with red bumps having a darker center) within a few hours. As time passes, these swells turn into bigger welts or hives etc. Reacting to the saliva injected by the chigger, there is a lot more itching experienced on the skin. Chigger sticks to the hair follicles on the skin for several days, and it falls off when full. Yet, it leaves behind the stylostome or feeding tube which causes continuous irritation.

Most people, when disturbed for a number of days by the itching and swelling, take it to be scabies or bed bug bites. It must be noticed that in case of scabies, pale red skin patches form with itch mites burrowed under the victim’s skin. As far as bed bugs are concerned, red itchy bulges emerge, but fade away in 2-3 days.

Chiggers bites

Once the victim finds out that he is being sucked in by chiggers, he is shocked. Then most panic-stricken question is, Chiggers how to treat? Remove the cell-sucker right away! That is the best possible chiggers treatment. You can remove the chigger by lightly rubbing your skin with a towel. The itching, hives and skin rashes can be taken care of by the general procedures for such treatments.

Pull out the nasty chiggers before it moves on to destroy more and more skin cells of your body. Believe me; the pain will get worse with each passing day! Save your skin fluids.

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